Missed appointments – what do they signify and do they matter? by Phil Wilson

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Most clinicians get mildly annoyed when a patient doesn’t turn up for their clinic, while a few might be secretly pleased to have some spare time to catch up on administrative tasks!  Politicians and health service managers, on the other hand, often publicly blame people who don’t attend their appointments for wasting taxpayers’ money: recently NHS England calculated that the annual cost of missed appointments in general practice alone was over £200 million.… >>

Defendants with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Courtroom: Considerations and Implications by Clare Allely

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This blog will discuss the importance of both judges and jurors having an understanding the true nature of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and how a defendant with this disorder may present during court proceedings. Research has recently highlighted the need and significance for expert insights into ASD and its related symptomology in cases involving defendants with ASD (Freckelton & List, 2009).… >>

Diagnosing intellectual disability

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Intellectual disability (ID) is an important diagnosis. Not only does it legally entitle individuals to aid through the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments, it also grants them the right to utilise the special school curriculum.… >>