Can autonomy become neglect? by Lena Nylander

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The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments was implemented over 25 years ago and has since then had a major impact on many people’s lives. Its purpose is to provide help and support to individuals with various impairments so that they may lead lives like others, as willing, autonomous participants in society.… >>

Missed appointments – what do they signify and do they matter? by Phil Wilson

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Most clinicians get mildly annoyed when a patient doesn’t turn up for their clinic, while a few might be secretly pleased to have some spare time to catch up on administrative tasks!  Politicians and health service managers, on the other hand, often publicly blame people who don’t attend their appointments for wasting taxpayers’ money: recently NHS England calculated that the annual cost of missed appointments in general practice alone was over £200 million.… >>