Can lack of babbling predict ESSENCE?

small Asian baby on it's stomach

Screening of children’s language ability has been part of a well-functioning routine within Swedish Child Health Care (CHC) for more than 50 years. Almost all children participate in a 2.5-3 year screening at the CHC centers. Longitudinal national research shows that children identified at age 2.5-3 years, still have difficulties with language and literacy and more than half of them also have other neurodevelopmental problems at school age.1 International research has also shown that a diagnosis of language disorder in children has a negative impact on social development, cognitive development and academic achievement.… >>

“Carmela’s way”

Little boy with books at school, text speech therapy on chalkboard background

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Every summer we go on vacation in a small Italian mountain village where time seems to stand still. In our little stone house there is an old TV that we’ll turn on when we want to get back into the swing of the Italian language.… >>