Defendants with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Courtroom: Considerations and Implications by Clare Allely

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This blog will discuss the importance of both judges and jurors having an understanding the true nature of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and how a defendant with this disorder may present during court proceedings. Research has recently highlighted the need and significance for expert insights into ASD and its related symptomology in cases involving defendants with ASD (Freckelton & List, 2009).… >>

Trauma in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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There has been relatively little study looking at posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other trauma and stressor-related disorders in individuals with ASD. Recently, Fuld (2018) highlighted that individuals with ASD may be at higher risk for experiencing stressful and traumatic life events.… >>

Sexual Offending Behaviours: Urgent Need for ‘Autism Sensitive Risk Assessment Guide’


It has long been suggested that there exists an association between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and sexual deviance or sexual offending (Chesterman & Rutter, 1993). Behaviours can include inappropriate courtship scripts, exposing one’s genitals and/or masturbating in a public place, inappropriate touching, and downloading child pornography.… >>